Saturday, March 10, 2012

Time To Get Packing!

Yup, we're moving.

 Some of you already knew that, so it may seem like old news, but we didn't elaborate too much about our move and to us it's a pretty big deal!

 To say we are excited about this is an understatement. We talked about this for a very long time, and we have decided to change up our lives in some pretty big ways.

 The biggest change of all, is that we decided to downsize. Quite a bit (We are going from a 4 bedroom attached garage, to a 2 bedroom townhouse.). At first, this idea was scary for me. It meant that we need to get rid of half of our belongings, and fully commit to the changes we have made in our lifestyle. The scary aspect of it didn't last long though! I am just a big ball of excitement now! I am planning everything, organizing, and making lists for everything (Because you know that's how I roll.).

I know I keep saying how different this is going to make things, but let me elaborate a little.

Simplicity- The decision to downsize is going to allow us to live with what we actually use and need. No silly attachments to random stuff that doesn't even make sense to have. Only things that are practical and get used on a regular basis stay (Of course we are making room for our style.). We have an entire basement full of stuff we didn't even know we had.
 The house is going to be clutter free, and -wait for it- easy to clean!  Especially with my 'new' cleaning routine, and the fact that we don't let things pile up and become a big job anymore.

Time- With us not needing to worry about spending hours a week cleaning, to keep our house manageable for us, we are going to have a lot of extra time on our hands to do some of the things we really want to do. Like going on more family trips, biking together, doing many more activities with Mackynzie, putting more time towards our hobbies and loves, and lots of other fun things.

Money- With smaller space, comes a smaller price tag. Our living costs are going to be a lot lower than they are right now, which is going to open up many opportunities for us that we wouldn't be able to do all the time (like keeping up with our desire to be organic in a town that's hard to find anything 'real'.).

Active- This move will allow make us be way more active. Because of the smaller space, and the money we save, we will be able to go out a lot more. We won't have any excuses to be bored inside, and with us biking rather than driving, we will have no choice but to get our butts out the door!

Peaceful- With making our life so much easier in so many different ways, We wont have many of stresses we have now. We will really be able to just focus on being a family, and doing our thing.

This is just a handful of reasons, but even alone they sound pretty convincing to us!

I think the thing I am most excited about, is unleashing my creativity on our new home. We have never really made a house 'ours' yet, but things are going to change with this one! We are going to get rid of half of our old things, and replace them with new things that suit both our new home and our style. I can't wait to actually put some effort into the decoration aspect of our home for once. We have just sort of filled our house with stuff, it has never been an actual design, based on our tastes. I am going to stop myself (for this post anyway...) because I could go on about this part forever!

I am going to keep posting away about tons of things that have to do with our move. Including things like how we are organizing a move with a toddler two dogs, and a working husband, plans and inspiration for our new home, before and after pictures, how we plan to help Mackynzie adjust to the move (Something she can't really wrap her head around yet. This house is the only one she knows!), and more!

 I have been itching to be able to blabber on about this exciting new adventure, but was waiting until everything was official (you never know what could happen.).

We will be in our new house in approximately three months, so although there is time, we have so much to do.

  I am still bouncing up and down about it, and I am sure I will be for a while after we are all settled in! I can't wait to share so much more, and get going on this new chapter of our life.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Awkward Moments

 I have been a whirl wind of busy!

 There is just so much going on, and needing to be done in a very short time! Not to mention all the things I normally do need to be kept up with.

 Don't worry, I will be able to spill the beans soon... hopefully next week!

in other news, we have been diaper free for over a month now, and we are officially fully potty learned! She has been for over a week, but I wanted to give it some time to be sure. She asks to go every time now, and she has control over her bladder. We still has the occasional accident, but that's normal; it usually happens when she is really focused and distracted. What has been happening lately, is she gets distracted (happens most often at baby group.) and then she realizes she has to go and does a mini freak-out, but in her rush to the potty she is usually just too  late. She gets better at being aware of her feeling of 'I gotta go' every day, though.(apart from baby group, we have never had an accident in public actually.)

 In celebration of this new milestone, Mackynzie and I went to the store to get a new baby doll (she loves baby dolls, but didn't have a 'full size' one yet, so it seemed fitting.) Now here is where my day gets funny. Or at least  I  think it was funny... and a little odd.
 While at the till, the cashier looks at the baby dolls (She chose a set of twin dolls. Also, it was our only purchase there.) and said:

"Oh... baby dolls! There's only one reason for buying those."

She looked at me with a half smile, half of a 'yup...I know what that's for' type of look.

I was very confused, and figured I must have been missing something. We were just there buying dolls... nothing unusual. I figured she would guess that it was an occasion of some sort, but what she said next shocked me, and almost made me split my side! I answered:

"And what's that?"

She looked at me with that look again, and said:

"There is another one on the way!"

I laughed a little and said:

"No, definitely not. We are celebrating being potty learned."

I couldn't help but laugh a little more. She then told me a story about how her granddaughter got mad when they gave her  daughter a baby doll, because they didn't want her to think she had to play with dolls, and couldn't play with trucks etc. So with that being said, I could understand why she might think that. Still super funny to me though. Probably more so because she caught me so off guard!

 unless I look prego... if that's the case, then apparently I need more flattering clothes.

Cody and I giggled about it on the way home. Ah.. fun times...