Saturday, March 5, 2016


 Hello dear friends! How have you been? 

 I've been pretty quiet on everything in the last month. The kids were hit with a cold, which brought down everyone's immune systems, and then we were slammed by that terrible flu going around. I hope you all escape it because it is genuinely awful. Thankfully, Grayson was spared (THANK YOU BREASTFEEDING🙌🏼) and I got it the worst. 

 This was two weeks ago. Now, I won't go into detail, but I was the most sick, the most times. To the point that my throat bled 🙊. 

Skip ahead to earlier this week, I was doing dishes, blasting Italian opera and Italian-American hits, singing along with full gusto. As one does... Well apparently my throat was not completely healed, because the following morning I woke up and could hardly talk. 

Today's the third or fourth day and I'm able to mostly talk, but I still sound pretty rough. As you can imagine, making videos is pretty tough without a voice.

*croak* "word...Wo-cough/weird puberty noise-rd... W-odd goose call- or....d"  NOPE!  

It's not all bad though. I've actually been really enjoying getting back to the simple (most important) things. Really focusing on the kids and enjoying each interaction. Organizing and brain storming the coming months of homeschool. Laughing and cooking and just not stressing about getting videos up or anything of the sort. Put my eggs back into my basket if you will. 

So, I guess in a weird way, thank you flu. Sometimes it takes praying you don't shit your pants, to appreciate those little moments again. That could be on a hallmark card... 

In other news, I've downloaded an app to blog on my phone which, turns out, is very productive. So expect more in this space. 

 Also BIG shout out to Cody! He built me my computer this week, and as soon as the editing program is on there and ready, videos will be back up on my YouTube channel. Woot-woot 🎊

 Sharing a computer with your avid gaming husband, in the small space of "kids are sleeping, mom will pass out soon", is quite challenging. Now thanks to his hot nerdiness, problem solved. My computer is beautiful. I got stickers for the case and have named him Wall-E (seriously you have to call your computer something when you set it up. Why not give the poor thing a name?)

 Alright friends, there is a little update for you. I will see you soon. I have some videos that have been waiting to be posted, and lots of things I want to talk to you about here. 

 I hope you are all keeping well, and enjoying those little moments as much as you can. 

✌🏼️ Xx


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