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Hi, I'm Rainbow (real name, promise.) and this is my blog.

If you've found me here, then you've most likely come here from my YouTube channel, but if not, welcome! I'm glad we've stumbled upon each other like this. Pour a mug of something warm and enjoy this space.

Lets start with the basics. I'm 24. Married to my high school sweetheart Cody, and together we have two beautiful little people. Our daughter Mackynzie (we call her Emy or Kynzie) is 5 and our son Grayson (we call him Gray) is two. We also have two furry loves, Carly (the big one) and Fynn (the small one)

  I started this blog in 2011 when my daughter was just a baby (and I was 19!), to share thoughts and things i'd learned through my journey of being a mother. It's changed faces many times and grown right along with me. I've left it a few times, and once again i've dusted it off, cleaned it up, and brought it back. I love that there are so many sweet memories stored in this space, so rather than starting over, i'm continuing here and just adding to them. (So if you really feel like reading, there are tons of posts to look back on to see how we've evolved.)

It's hard to sum up our family in one "about me" section, we are a little bit of everything. we love big, like to be silly, nerdy, healthy, but sometimes not healthy too, natural stuff,we just really like life! Cody and I love longboarding when we can, and even though we are major homebodies, we love finding adventure wherever we can.

 I left blogging to switch over to YouTube. It was easier to document our lives through videos and I felt the need to change the way I shared our life. We do a mix of family daily (ish) vlogging over there, and I also do sit down videos talking all things parenting, life, mother/womanhood. Cody and I also have a series called Cody and Rainbow Talk where we chat about more adult topics and do more fun videos.

I've missed this space though! I wanted a space to share my deeper thoughts, recipes (ones you see us cooking and baking in the vlogs and more), and be able to express a little more than I can within the limits of our videos or instagram. So here we are. Thank you for being here with me, and I hope you enjoy hanging out. I love the community and the friendly space we create together, I hope you do too!

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