Thursday, January 28, 2016


Well, this feels new. Old new. Like when you find your old jeans from high school and they fit and they have a picture of your best friend in the pocket. Good, old new.

Hello everyone, how have you been? I am so happy to bring life back to this space! My first little slice of internet home. Anyone here from the very begining? That was a long time ago!

(back in the day with baby Mackynzie!) 

As most of you know, I moved over to YouTube and left this space to collect dust bunnies. But lately I've been wanting a space to share a little deeper, and maybe even a bit more random.

So without further ado, welcome to Rainbow and the Millers blog! I'm going to be sharing things like recipies, some more feel-y thoughts, more photos, things I like, and sometimes things I wanted to talk about but didn't have the time to in one of our vlogs. Basically this is my youtube channels partner in crime. An adorable little sister.

I feel like this gives us a place to talk to each other more too. It's easier to have conversations in this space, and we can sort of tie it together with the videos.

You're welcome to check out the posts here -there are tons! You can search through the tags on the right hand side there, check out the info section if you're a new friend, and enjoy!

If there is anything you want to have a discussion about or see in this space, let me know and i'd be happy to make it work!

I am going to see how much time I have to post here, and get a feel for how writing here fits into life before I commit to a schedule, but I'll let you know (and I'm sure a pattern will emerge) as I figure that out! (Thank you for your patience like always!)

So welcome! welcome, welcome friends. Sit back, grab a hot beverage of choice and lets chat and laugh and cry and be awkward humans together.

This will be fun.