Monday, March 10, 2014

Welcome To The World Grayson Wyatt: A Birth Story

Grayson Wyatt Miller was born on February 26th, at 8:35pm, weighing 9lbs 4oz and 21 inches long. He was born 3 hours and 10 minutes after my water broke. He was born at our free standing birth center.

This is part 2 of his 4 part birth story. The photo portion.
For his birth video, visit part 1
For the video where I  tell his birth story, visit part 3
For the Q and A about his birth, labor, delivery, and postpartum, visit part 4

Since there are several parts of his birth story, I will only be sharing photos with a brief description of what is happening in each photo if needed. To get the full story, you will have to visit each part! :)

41 weeks, 1 day pregnant. 9am, heading to see our beautiful midwife to hopefully get labor started. his head was very low, and my cervix and body were very ready. he just needed a tiny little natural boost.

5:40ishpm, my water just broke! on the phone with my mom. We left right after this. Midwife, doula and family are all called and headed to meet at the birth center.

Laboring in the tub with Cody. We got to the birth center around 6:30pm.

I moved to the bed at the very last minute because I was too hot in the tub! 8:35pm we welcome our son!

The lady right above my head with glasses is my mother-in-law. beside her in purple is my doula Carla(well, part of her haha), and the lady in stripes is our assisting midwife, Cassie.

This is my beautiful, amazing, super-awesome midwife, Janna (pronounced jane-ah.) with the rad tats.

We face-timed with papa (Cody's dad) quickly so he could see our little boy.

Cassie is explaining his positioning to me. Everyone was pretty shocked when he  came out facing my right side. if i'm not mistaken, he was LOT, or left occupant transverse. this means that the largest part of his head came out first and his shoulders came out one towards my bum, one towards the sky. this position usually results in an emergency c section, forceps, or some pretty serious episiotomys. what was so surprising is that nobody had any idea! My hips were flexible enough to birth him on my own. but it explains why things were SO intense and why I pushed for so long. (had he been in the 'right' position he would have come out way sooner I think.)
This is also why he has a hefty bruise and swollen head. his head goes back to normal after only a few hours though.

there's my amazing doula, Carla

his first latch.

Mackynzie holding her brother's hand.

Cody's mom and sister.

After his cord finished pulsing, Cody and Mackynzie cut his cord.

Cody holding Grayson so I could birth the placenta. you can see his crazy head here and below.

My midwife, Janna, on the left, the student midwife who was such a joy to have there, Rae, in the middle, and our assisting midwife on the left who was also incredibly fantastic, Cassie.

We are so incredibly in love with this little soul. his birth was fast and amazing. It strengthened and healed me right where I needed. Welcome to our family beautiful boy. Happy birthday Grayson Wyatt Miller!

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  1. This new series is wonderful! You make giving birth look so beautiful and natural! I am curious after watching the video blog part 3 about your experience nursing. Watching you nurse G looks so easy and natural for the both of you. I am expecting my second babe and am soo hopeful that this next experience nursing will be better. WIth my first it was very stressful and not the most positive. Would you consider doing a nursing tutorial? Also, what is under your shirt near the breast that Grayson is not feeding from? A pump? Lol sorry- so many questions!!! Anyways, congrats on your beautiful baby and birth experience- keep doing what you do, it is very empowering :)