Friday, August 31, 2012

Healthy Soft Serve

When it's hot and my sweet tooth goes nuts, this is one of my favorite quick things to make. Mackynzie goes bananas over it. It takes two seconds and is only 3 ingredients; frozen banana(s), cocoa powder, and a tiny bit of canned coconut milk (I added a little bit of vanilla). 

Om nom...

Kitchen Command Center

I decided to finally update our little family notes/important stuff wall. I made a little 'kitchen command center' and it's working fantastically already. Being able to mark off things as I go is a giant help.

We will add more as we need it, but for now it's a huge sigh of relief for my brain. This is much better than the old system.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Birthday Season is Arriving!

 As summer is coming to a close, thoughts of the upcoming seasons are on my mind. The cool weather, my ideal comfy wardrobe, fall food, holidays, and birthdays. Birthdays. Mackynzie is going to be two years old in just over a month! How fantastically crazy!

 It has snuck up on me a bit this year. I am sort of glad it did though. It means I haven't been party planning for five months, haha. Mackynzie is old enough to decide what she wants her party to look like now, so we have been having many discussions about her birthday. I am pretty sure we have a very loose theme now, but either way It's going to be so fun!

 This year is going to be very different from her first birthday. The days leading up to her party last year, were hectic and stressful and costly. It was a fantastic birthday, but there are things we are definitely changing this year and for birthdays to come. We are done with food-centered birthday parties and gatherings. We didn't even realize that it had been food centered until we were discussing it one day. Parties have been centered around food for a very long time. Of course it's not just about the food, the company and people you share it with are a huge part, but there is always huge amounts of food, and people are always eating. Anyway, we decided we don't want Mackynzie (or us) receiving that message, so we are going to make her party activity based (I am still struggling with my 'food issues' too, and I don't want Mackynzie to have them.). There, of course, will be food, but only a few fun snacks and the party will take place between meal times. This alone, makes party costs fall drastically! I really can't wait for her birthday. It's going to be so much fun!

 I can't talk about birthdays without mentioning Cody's too! As many of you know, Cody and Mackynzie share their birthday with each other, so we have a weekend full of birthday/thanksgiving fun. I have plans for Cody's birthday too, since we keep them separated, but I can't really chat about them much here, since I never know which post he will drop in on. His is simple too (the way he likes it). I think we will be doing a weekend party for them (her in the afternoon, him in the evening) and then having a family celebration and some sort of activity for their actual birth day, since it's on a Tuesday.

How Awesome is it that I get to celebrate my favorite people at the same time?!

It's going to be a super fun filled time! I always get over excited for stuff like this...

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Finally Doing Something to the Living Room Wall

Our living room wall is huge and brown. It has been a challenge trying to figure out what to do with it to both lighten and cover it. We were originally going to do one giant picture collage, but it was a huge undertaking to paint and find all white frames, fill all of them, hang them etc etc. So we decided to skip it and put up a large piece of art, but there was still a naked spot above our little breakfast nook. We had plans to go buy white shelves and set them off center from each other, then fill them with photos, nick knacks etc. The shelves we wanted happened to not be at the store in white last weekend, so I kept myself busy with painting frames (I was going to use them for another project.).

After I finished, I looked at all the stuff we had that could go in a collage, and I threw the idea out to cody. He agreed, so we set to work.

 I placed newspaper cut to frame size, and rearranged with painters tape until we had something we liked.
 Then we measured and marked the newspaper, popped a nail in each spot, pulled the paper over the nail, and hung each frame.

It actually turned out really sweet! It fills the space great, and gives more personality to this floor. I love it. Cody still has to level it a bit, but I just wanted to get it up and done haha.

Now Our living room looks much more put together.

I'm thinking there will be an area rug in our future. Maybe in a nice patterned yellow or blue....

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A couple thoughts on food

 Food used to be so easy. You put it in your mouth, chew it, swallow it, done. Now, food can be a chore at times! In our culture, it's processed, quick, easy, and packed full of sugar, bad fats, and bad carbs. We really try to be conscious of what we put into our bodies. We have tried a few lifestyle diets, and drastically changed our way of eating. This summer, we just so happened to be in a 'processing, discussing, and thinking' phase of what we eat. In other words, everything was off the table (within reason for us.) and we have been eating very poorly for what we are used to.

 We were paleo for very close to a year, and Mackynzie and I were (i guess you could say) vegan for a few months. All the information got a bit overwhelming, so we just stepped away for the summer (mostly.). After everything though, I think I have a very good knowledge and judgment of my body, and our diet after being on both ends of the food line. paleo is the caveman diet. absolutely no grains, sugars etc, where vegan is no animal products. Polar opposites. I have learned so much. I think we are just about ready to get into a lifestyle diet based on the things we have learned, and what our bodies have told us.  We still have a little bit of trial and error with Mackynzie (and possibly myself) to rule out a few of the causes of our discomforts. So I think we are going to ease into things and see where we end up. That's my favorite part. Letting go of 'the plan' and seeing where we end up.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A weekend full of little smiles!

  Hello! Dropping in to share some pictures from the weekend. Nothing special; it was pretty mellow, but it was a very welcomed break from our usual weekends.

We started off with a trip to the park, to take up some time while we waited for Cody to get home.

 Saturday, we went to Cody's sister's birthday BBQ. yes, she wore the same shirt the next day haha. She really likes it. In fairness, she only wore it for a short time Friday, and we altered it on Saturday. It's nice that she is older and can do that now... It would be rare if a shirt lasted an entire day when she was younger...

Tickles from Meme.

Yesterday (Monday) we went to the zoo with a friend. We had a wonderful time. Mackynzie had the most fun she has ever had at the zoo, with her new friend.

  I love to watch her adventure and explore. This particular experience, she showed adventure and play I had never seen before. It was so heart warming to watch. These two were adorable together and she is already asking when we will see her new friend again. 

From my warm heart to yours,


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ducks and parks and mommy and me fun

  Sometimes, we get caught up in really routine things around the house (like cleaning and organizing.) and before we know it, half of our day has gone by. Today was one of those days (not in a bad way, though.), so Mackynzie and I threw the last load of laundry in the dryer and headed out for a bike ride.

We sat on the bank of the canal and fed the ducks. It's really sweet- we have been watching three duck families grow up all summer long. Mackynzie loves to visit her ducks.

Bread still in hand, we headed to the park for some fun. The weather was beautiful. Finally a nice warm day instead of incredible heat.

 I love this little girl so much. She is getting so big! We are about to start doing some newer/more consistent activities both in and out of the house. It's going to be so much fun to explore her more developed creativity and adventure!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Little hands + Little dog = Big fun

 Our little big girl loves helping and doing things herself wherever she can. This was a first for her, and what I'm sure will not be the last! She bathed Fynn all by herself. And did a really good job!

Fynn is seriously her best friend. Who needs diamonds when you a have a little gem like him? 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

August long weekend: Our anniversary!

  Last weekend (monday) we celebrated our anniversary as a family. It was a really nice, calm day. we got to stay home and relax and hang out, which was nice after three days of crazy.

 We went out for a bike ride together in the early afternoon. It was really nice to know we had no time frame, so we got to really enjoy each other.

Later that evening, we had dinner at our favorite restaurant. Of course, that means a pile of goofy pictures for us.

Mackynzie took this one of me!

Putting stickers on my nose.

 We ended with awesome dessert, and feeling super full. Of food and love... Awwww....

Sort of funny; people always say that as time passes, and after you have kids, marriage gets harder and you have to 'try' more. For us, it truly does get better and better every single day. Being parents and passing time has only made us more connected, and fall more in love (is that possible?!). It makes me a little sad for those people who always look at us like we are foolish, or haven't had 'enough' of -insert whatever here, time/kids/etc- but mostly, it's sort of funny. It will always be our private little joke. If only they knew even a glimpse of what our love looks like. But we are very much okay with keeping that little secret all to ourselves.

And since This is a good excuse to be mushy and all that (like I really need one.) I will end this with Cody's song to me, that quickly became 'our song'.

Happy anniversary to us and anyone else celebrating this month!

August long weekend: Sunday heritage days stampede

 Our town hosts an annual heritage days stamped, so to keep up our busy long weekend, we spent the day there on Sunday. There were some scheduling errors with the midway, so it was nowhere near as good as usual, but we still had fun!

 One of the first places we stopped at, had something that made us very happy campers stampeders. It was just a little accessory tent (with a lady, we found out, who made Mackynzie's wooden name letters and light switch. Small world! (she wasn't local.) )That had -you guessed it- a hippo hat! there were two actually. It was the first time we had been to a place that had a hippo animal hat (and we had searched through our fair share!), and a bonus was that it's neutral colored, super good quality and warm for winter, and will grow with her; or maybe i should say actually fits her now? Either way, we were all super happy!

We checked out some miniature horses, cows, and other farm-y animals.

Mackynzie loved watching the trick dogs.

And riding the train ride.

(She wanted to hold my hand for most of it, that's why i'm hunched over weird haha)

But we probably spent the most time in the petting zoo.

Between the scorching heat and the fun filled day, we had a tired little girl! And mommy and daddy... I

 And it didn't take long for the hippo hat to go back on when she woke up.